The tragedy of the dust-collecting contact database

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October 7, 2013 by Stephanie Janard

In my former life as an in-house marketing specialist, I once worked for a firm with a contact database that required 17 steps, at least half of them a complicated mathematical equation, just to generate a simple contact list. Needless to say, our email campaigns were hardly as consistent and frequent as they should have been, and more than once I wondered how many potential sales were squandered simply because of an absurdly convoluted process to use what was supposed to be our most powerful marketing tool.

But even for marketers with saner database systems, there can be another big barrier to reaching out to the valuable contacts inside them: finding the time to craft engaging marketing communications. I’m sure marketers burdened with this challenge also wonder how many opportunities are slipping by as a result.

The answer is: a lot. And that’s not even counting the sales you lose by neglecting the existing customers or prospects in your database of contacts. Simply put, you just can’t expect to get the same high number of leads you get when you’re circulating a high-quality white paper, article, case study, or webinar that is brimming with timely and motivating information.

Of course, if time is the only barrier in your way, the solution is simple: hire a writer to produce this information for you. You’ll be able to easily – and quickly – calculate the return you get by doing so. Look for more tips on how to make the most of your investment in a freelance writer in future posts.


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