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I don’t know about you, but a company’s “About” page is one of the first I check out. I want to know just how qualified they are to solve my challenges…and I bet that’s what you want to know about me.

First and foremost, my  decade of professional experience answers what is likely your number one need: finding more time to carry out lead-generating marketing plans. As a veteran B2b writer, I can take on much of the significant work associated with these marketing efforts, from writing a compelling white paper to assisting with a webinar script.

And experience in the world of B2b marketing does matter. I not only have it as a writer – a good deal of my clients are in the B2b technology arena – I also have prior experience as a marketing specialist for software companies. In addition to that, I’ve written for numerous publications, and currently freelance an opinion column for The Daily Courier in Rutherford County, North Carolina. On a more personal note, I’ve done a good deal of pro bono writing over the years for animal welfare and rescue groups.

Ok, enough about me from me. Here’s what a few others have to say…

“Stephanie is a great person to work with. I like her inquisitive mind and and quick grasp of technological concepts. Stephanie has the gift to transform dry feature and benefits sheets into marketing messages that customers understand and appreciate. Always a pleasure to work with Stephanie!” – Juergen Biermann, VP Technology at Net Mobile AG

“As a busy Marketing Director, I need someone who can capably take a project on and off my hands. Stephanie certainly did that, right from the beginning with a detailed proposal of her messaging ideas. I was so impressed I sent it out to several of my colleagues at NESCom. Because this project required the input of numerous departments, it seemed to never end internally, but throughout it all, Stephanie was always happy to review and cheerfully help keep the project moving forward. Stephanie is clearly committed to the end goal of writing the most effective copy possible. She is a great person, a great writer, and cares about her clients.” – Patricia Plourde, Director of Marketing at New England School of Communications.

“I think how Stephanie and I started working together is one of the best testimonials I could share. She sent me an e-mail several years ago when I was Director of Marketing at a start-up technology company. I had a writer at the time, but she had written such a compelling email that I actually read it not once, but several times. When I needed a writer at another company a year later, I had no trouble remembering her name—because writing that good is hard to forget. I looked her up, gave her a call and we’ve been working together ever since.” – Shala Nicely, Owner of Nicely Done Marketing, LLC.

I think you’ll feel a similar confidence after working with me, too. Let’s start today. Contact me at sjanard@msn.com or call 1.828.288.2931.


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